Arashi Nio-Dō Yoroi

Arashi Nio-Dō Yoroi, AKS-HRB-AND
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  • Item #: AKS-HRB-AND
  • Manufacturer: Iron Mountain Armory
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: AKS-HRB-AND

     The Arashi Nio-Dō Yoroi is another amazing Artisan Kachushi yoroi inspired by the Niō (仁王) or Kongōrikishi (金剛力士) two guardians of the Buddha, who are both muscular and filled with fury.  The nio-dō is hand hammered to form the curve of the body and embossing of the muscle; both front and back.  The zunari kabuto is crafted from 3 laminated plates, riveted together and then polished over.  The shino suneate provides a very comfortable and secure fit to the shin. The kote are gohon-zutsu-gote style.  And waki-gessen plates are included. The Arashi Nio-Dō yoroi requires over 120 skilled crafting hours to complete just 1 suit. 

     This is a Limited-Edition series, only 12 suits will be made.  In stock suits ship in about 5 days.  Backordered suits require about 40 days for shipping.  The more suits back-ordered, the more time it will take to receive your order, so please contact us for details. 

  • Limited Edition: Only 12 Made
  • Full Sized: Fits Average Adult
  • Traditionally Handcrafted : +120 Crafting Hours
  • Highest Quality: All Traditional Materials
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