B019 - Goryō Yoroi

B019, Goryo, onryō, yoroi, samurai armor
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  • Item #: B019
  • Manufacturer: Iron Mountain Armory
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: B019

     The Goryō where the spirits of samurai warriors and nobles who died horrible, agonizing deaths and returned to haunt their enemies as dreadful ghosts of vengeance called onryō. Some samurai would dress as Goryō to invoke fear into the hearts of their enemy as they marched across their lands. Believing their where vengeful spirits approaching some ashigaru would rather run and hide, than face the rath of the onryō. One example of a goryō was a Sugawara Michizane, who's vengeful spirit was soothed by venerating it to deity status and became known as Tenjin (Shinto kami of scholarship).

     This fine authentic reproduction of traditional Japanese yokohagi Okegawa ni-mai dô samurai armor is hand made by the Iron Mountain Armory. Each suite of samurai armor can be ordered with the customary Gusto Bitsu (armor storage / dispaly box) and a wooden stand for the display of the armor. Assembly instructions are also included. The armor is wearable and fully functional.  Shown with the optional banner holder with post (optional accessory).  

     Optional: Free customary black lacquered box which, along with an included wooden frame, provides the support for the display and instructions; just pay the extra shipping.   Available in 3 different quality level series: Kachi, Gashira, Taisho.

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  • Displayed: 2' x 2' x 6' @ 46 lbs
  • Shipping: 20" x 22" x 24" @ 60 lbs
  • Fully Functionable: Battle Ready
  • Traditionally Handcrafted : 30 ~ 45 Days
  • Customizable: Size & Color + 7 Days
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Price $1,549.00

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