C003 - Oda Nobunaga Clan Samurai Armor

Oda Nobunaga Clan Samurai Armor
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  • Item #: C003
  • Manufacturer: Iron Mountain Armory
     This very affordable reproduction of classic style Samurai armor, worn by Oda Nobunaga's clan (C003), is constructed by the highly skilled craftsmen of Iron Mountain Armory and incorporates all of the elements of a suit of Japanese samurai armor (armour) of the period. The crest of Oda Nobunaga is hand painted onto the chest (do) in gold. The armor is wearable (within a reasonable size range) and is fully functional.

     History: From 1534 to 1582 Oda Nobunaga played a key role in shaping the course of history in feudal Japan. His policy of unifying a country controlled by many feuding daimyo was furthered in a series of victories characterized by brilliant tactics and the first organized use of firearms. His unification policy became a reality under his successor, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, shortly before the end of the 16th century.

     Optional: Free customary black lacquered box which, along with an included wooden frame, provides the support for the display and instructions; just pay the extra shipping  Available in 3 different quality level sereis: Kachi, Gashira, Taisho.

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  • Displayed: 2' x 2' x 5' @ 40 lbs
  • Shipping: 20" x 22" x 24" @ 58 lbs
  • Authentic Reproduction:
  • Battle Ready:
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