Sangu (parts) Armor

     Sangu is the term for the three samurai armour parts / components that protected the extremities of the samurai class of feudal Japan. The Sangu armor included the kote, haidate and suneate.

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DO, chest armor, samurai chest armor, Dō, breastplate, cuirass Haitdate, thigh armor, samurai armor, leg armour, armour thigh, Sangu Nodowa, throat protector, auxiliary armor, throat armour, guruwa, neck protection
Dō (Chest Armor)HaidateNodowa








Sode, shoulder armor, samurai armor, pauldron, sodes, shoulder armour SUNEATE, Shin Guard, shin guards, leg armor, samurai leg armor, leg armour, shin armour Kote, samurai armor sleeve, armor sleeve, armored sleeve, samurai armor parts, arm protection, arm guard, arm armor
SodeSuneateKote (Armored Sleeves)