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     Little Star Enterprises, Inc. was formed in June 2001 with the mission to provide the most authentically-crafted, reproduction Samurai Armor, Swords, Accessories and Customer Service at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell; which is why we have travelled around the world to the armories and sword forges that we do business with. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog, and we take our own detailed pictures of our products, so you know the quality of the product that you will receive.  

     Please be aware that there are low-quality imitation armors being sold through auction sites. These sellers have copied many of our older (and lower resolution) photos to peddle their imitation products, as well as copying those from other armories. Please do not be fooled by these poorly-made armors. If you have any doubts, ask to see more detailed pictures and photos of the smithing process. As you can see below, we take all of our own photos and have begun watermarking them to help stop copyright infringements.  


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Quality Difference of Samurai Armor
On the road to the Iron Mountain Armory Researching / Studying Historical Samurai Armor Samurai Armor on Display at the armory Reproducing the first parts by hand
All parts are are first crafted by hand All parts are are first crafted by hand Marking the armor for rivets Marking the armor for rivets
After handcrafting machines are used to drill holes Machine drilling decreases time & increases preceision Spot Welding is used for added durability & safety Chest and Back of Armor are forged together
Armor is hand sanded for smoth finish The laminated plating is now inspected The kabuto and other parts are also being finished Kabuto are also laminated
The armor parts are now painted and heat treated Careful care is taken during the painting process Special coating on the inside of the armor Parts are made ready to assemply
The lacing process of the armor begins The lacing process of the armor continues The lacing process of the armor continues Materials are sewn
Padding is sewn Padding is sewn Plates and Chainmail are inspected Plates and Chainmail are inspected
Chainmail is sewn to the kote Each link is attached and sewn into the silk brocade Some machine sewing is used Brass fittings are added
Samurai Armor Crafting Great care is taken All quality materials are used Crests are just being finished and hand sanded
Cloth and padding is added to the inside of the armor Armor is laid out for inspection The armor is inspected for quality control Final QC is setting up the armor and taking pictures