Akai Shuken Kabuto

Akai Shuken Yoroi, Tetsu Yama Katchu
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  • Item #: NM-LSK
  • Manufacturer: Tetsu Yama Katchu
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: NM-LSK

     The Akai Shuken Kabuto is the last samurai kabuto edition to our Artisan Kachushi Series. The Akai Shuken Kabuto is a completely handcrafted Edo Period style kabuto which features an 18 plate suji-bachi kabuto.  Each piece of iron plate is drawn, cut, painted and laced completely by hand; taking over 80 hours of work by our finest kachushi (armor crafter) at our new Tetsu Yama Katchu (鉄山甲冑) armory located in Japan. 

     During the peaceful Edo Period, the Daimyo were not spending money on military campaigns so they could focus their finances on other matters, such as building stronger castles and more extravagant samurai armor (yoroi) to show their wealth and power.  These new yoroi started to become more artistic in design and increasingly embellished over the years.  The new Akai Shuken is the first yoroi crafted by our kachushi at the Tetsu Yama Katchu, demonstrating their amazing ability as crafters.  

Features: Over 80 hours of crafting time for this beautiful 18 plate suji-bachi.  Japanese blended silk, brass, copper and deluxe bitsu with stand.

  • Full Sized: Fits Average Adult
  • Traditionally Handcrafted : Traditional Materials
  • Highest Quality: Made In Japan
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Price $2,900.00

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