Classic Tokugawa Samurai Clan Kabuto

Classic Tokugawa Samurai Clan hineno-jikoro Kabuto CKM03
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     The Tokugawa Clan rose to power at the end of the Sengoku Period. They served as the Shogun of Japan from 1603 until 1867 and were therefore the longest and most stable of Japan's three bakufu. Their dominance was so strong that some history books use the term "Tokugawa Era" instead of "Edo Period".

      This hineno-jikoro style kabuto has been painted with the mon (crest) of the Tokugawa Clan in their honor. This mon, the "triple hollyhock" has been a readily recognized icon in Japan, symbolizing in equal parts the Tokugawa Clan and the last shogunate. The solid steel plating and cunstruction is much like the kabuto that samurai often wore in this time.

     This fine authentic reproduction of traditional Japanese hineno-jikoro style kabuto is handmade by the Iron Mountain Armory. Each kabuto is supplied with the matching menpo and a portable kabuto stand, to be proudly displayed. Assembly instructions are also included. The kabuto is wearable and fully functional.

     Features: Made from 18 gauge steel, battle ready, custom cotton lining and custom wooden stand. Metal construction with colorful cord embellishment on the neck protector and mask. Also features a kasa jirushi no kan, a ring for securing a kasa jirushi (helmet flag) or agemaki-no-kan (silk knott) to the hachi, used for identifying individual soldiers and units from a distance.  Fits adult head size range of 55 to 65 cm.

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Height: 18"
Width: 14"
Depth: 14"
Weight: 7 lb (with stand)
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Price $499.00

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