Daimyo Series

     Our Daimyo series samurai armor are all handcrafted by the highest skilled craftsmen of the Iron Mountain Armory. Each Daimyo series suit of armor requires three of our best craftsmen laboring over 80 hours using our best lacing, silk brocades and traditional materials, to create a masterpiece worthy of a daimyo or the Emperor himself.  There is over 1,000 years of human design ingenuity put into this armor.

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     The Iron Mountain Armory Daimyo series armor is also crafted in a traditional Yokohagi Okegawa ni-mai dô popular in the Sengoku (Warring States) and Edo period. Okegawa means "tub-sided" and refers to the tub-like shape of the cuirass construction. However, because the armor was designed with a single hinge under the left arm, allowing the wearer to slide into the dô and tie it closed from the other side, it was better known as a "clamshell" dô. The most common style of Okegawa dô in this time period was the Yokohagi (horizontal) in which the plates are riveted in horizontal rows.

     All of Iron Mountain Armor features a pin hinge under the left arm pit, which can be removed. Once the pin is removed, a cord can be laced through to accommodate those with a larger chest. The chest and back plate can also be bent and stretched out to help accommodate wearers with a chest size over 46". The watagami (shoulders) on the Irong Mountain armor are adjustable as well and can be moulded to match the shoulders of its wearer, providing them with a better fit and more comfort. These are key features when deciding on which armory you want to buy your armor from.

     Our Daimyo series samurai armor suits are affordable reproductions of original Japanese samurai armor line and are hand made using the same methods armor craftsman used 500 plus years ago during the Sengoku period. By incorporating elements of traditional Japanese samurai armor design of this period with modern tools, the craftsman at the Iron Mountain Armory have successfully forged the most authentic samurai armor available and at a very affordable price.

Features: Full size, adjustable and wearable, completely functional Samurai armor, assembly instructions, stand and traditional lacquered Japanese armor box.

Average Seated Display Specifications: Height: 66" Width: 24" Depth: 20" Weight: 59 lbs (with display box)

Shipping Information: All armor ships in a 18" x 20" x 24" box and weighs an average of 62 lbs. Non-brass maedate will often ship in a separate box.