Gunbai War Fan

Gunbai, Samurai War Fan, war fan, wooden war fan
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  • Item #: GNB-W
  • Manufacturer: Iron Mountain Armory
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: GNB-W

     The Gunbai (or Samurai War Fan) was an instrument used by Samurai Officers (gashira); worn to show rank and used to command their samurai and ashigaru troops across the battlefield.  The Gunbai was unique in the fact it was made from solid wood, or layered iron (tetsu) and wood with iron.  Carried by the samurai or worn on the samurai armor, the Gunbai would represent the rank of the samurai as an officer.  The Gunbai were typically family heirlooms, passed from father to son in succession.  The Gunbai could also be used to help defend against sudden arrow or sword attacks. 

Features: Crafted from wood with the option of adding a samurai clan mon or your own.  Standard model features dragon and tiger motif. If you request a custom logo print, please reply to your order confirmation with the logo attached to your email.  Please note we can only print 1 color "Clip Art" type of logo.  Please allow 2 ~ 3 weeks for crafting and shipping.

  • Full Sized: ~30cm
  • Customizable: 1 to 2 Weeks Crafting Time
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