HP01 - Tanko Samurai Armor

Heian Tanko Samurai Armor
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     Tanko was the first style of iron armour which appeared in Japan during the 4th Century. This armor was worn by foot soldiers and had a distinctive lamellar (layered) construction. The cuirass (do) featured layers of iron (ita-mono) which was attached to an iron frame; first it was laced to the frame using leather strips and later by rivets. This pre-samurai armor was the first of its kind to be constructed completely of iron plates connected together by leather thongs and later cotton.  

      The older tanko armor opened at the front of the body and then tied together. In order to wear the armor the warrior would have had to stretch the cuirass apart, which required physical strength and sometimes several assistants. Later this problem was resolved by splitting the armor along the sides and adding a hinge so it could opened and closed more easily. The bell-like skirt (Kusazuri) was added to protect the lower body and thighs, of the warrior. Shoulder straps (watagami) were also attached to help distribute the weight of the armor onto his shoulders, as well as adding more protection. The forearms were protected by a tube-like kote which was often made from leather or iron.  

     This historically accurate reproduction of Tanko Armor is completely handcrafted from iron, cotton and leather at the Iron Mountain Armory. Each suit of armor comes complete with clothing garments and is completely functional in every detail. Custom sizing and colouring is available upon request (select option below). Receive a free gusto bitsu (wooden armor storage box) and stand to display your armor, just pay the additional shipping and handling fee (select this option below).

     Optional: Customary black lacquered box which, along with an included wooden frame, provides the support for the display and instructions.
     Note: Crafting Time - 30 to 45 days


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