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  • Item #: HDT
  • Manufacturer: Iron Mountain Armory
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: HDT

     Our Gashira Class Haidate (thigh armour) is handcrafted by the Iron Mountain Armory at the time of your order.  The haidate is a cloth apron with steel armor plates sewn to the front bottom for maximum flexibility and protection of the thighs.  Features leather & silk lining at the top to allow for light protection for the waist / hip area allowing for greater maneuverability.  There is a strap along the back of the haidate to hold them in place over your thigh, and a belt to keep the haidate tied around your waist.  Perfect for a sword practitioner to use for extra protection when cutting or replacing an old haidate, giving your older armor a different look.

Plate Styles:
1: Iyo - Rectangle plates overlapping like roof tiles.
2: Ikeda - Small raft like plates set in chain mail.
3: Goishi - Scale like plates.
4: Kawara - S-shaped scales overlapping like roof tiles (Cavalry Style).

Leather Options:
Black, Brown or White Egawa (Printed Leather)

Questions?: Review our FAQ page

Please allow about 3 ~ 4 weeks for crafting and delivery. 

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