Kikko Gane Dō

Kikko Gane Dō, Armored Vest
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  • Item #: KGD-1
  • Manufacturer: Iron Mountain Armory
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: KGD-1

     The Kikko Gane Dō (亀甲金胴) is a Samurai auxiliary armor typically worn under samurai armor or as a soft-shell armor worn under the kimono for protection while in the street or traveling.  The Kikko Gane Dō is made up of layered hemp blend or silk with steel hexagon plates, sewn between the cloth backing.  This makes for a soft, flexible form of light armor that helps protect the entire torso from slashes and stabs. 

     Kikko Gane Dō were also worn by the wealthy merchant class and possibly used as a style of Shinobi armor (ninja armor), because it could be worn comfortable and discreetly under normal period clothing.  This is an ideal training armor for modern martial artists or for anyone wanting extra protection.

     The Kikko Gane Dō has several order options available.  Custom chest / waist size (fits snuggly so order 1 size larger), custom height, color, pattern, material, and padding options. Please note that this price is only for the Dō (chest armor) all other items are sold separately (sangu). Please contact us for any assistance.  

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Price $649.00
2 or more $629.00 each

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