Mino (Rain Cape)

mino, wara, straw, rain cape, samurai rain coat, samurai clothing
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  • Item #: MINO-01
  • Manufacturer: Iron Mountain Armory
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MINO-01

     Our mino (rain cloak) is meticulously and tightly hand-woven from palms.  Often worn for protection from the rain and snow by field hands and laborers in rural Japan. The mino were easily made and often used by low ranking samurai to help keep warm and to protect their armor in the rain and snow. Our mino can be worn over your armor or without armor.  It ties around the neck and chest and is water resistant.  A great addition to any armor to add an extra touch of authenticity. 



  • Traditionaly Handmade.
  • Water Resistent.
  • Handwoven from Palm.
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Price $159.00

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