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Yamamoto Kansuke Samurai Armor - Crimson
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  • Item #: B016G-CRIMSON
  • Manufacturer: Iron Mountain Armory
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: B014
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     Yamamoto Kansuke was a Japanese samurai of the 16th century who was one of Takeda Shingen's most trusted Twenty-Four Generals. Also known by his formal name, Haruyuki. He was a brilliant strategist, and is particularly known for his plan which led to victory in the fourth battle of Kawanakajima against Uesugi Kenshin. However, Kansuke never lived to see his plan succeed; thinking it to have failed, he charged headlong into the enemy ranks, dying in battle.

     Kansuke's origins are not known for certain, but he is believed to have originated from Ushikubo, a town in Mikawa Province, which was then under the suzerainty of the Imagawa clan. He came to Kai and began to serve Takeda Shingen in 1543, receiving a position as an infantry commander (ashigaru-taisho). Legend says that Kansuke was blind in one eye and lame, but a fierce warrior nevertheless. In various works of art, he is depicted holding a naginata as a support for his weak leg. Kansuke was also involved in bringing the defeated Suwa Yorishige's daughter to Shingen as a concubine.

Details: This is an instock item.  Gashira Class.  The armor is wearable and comes standard sized for a man with a 106cm chest (+/- 3cm), standing at 5' 8" tall (+/- 3”) and is fully functional. This suit is a Gashira Class yoroi and includes a free customary black lacquered box (Yoroi Bitsu) which, along with an included wooden frame, provides the support for the display and instructions.  

     Features: IN STOCK - Painted Crimson with a glossy finish with a 106cm chest (+/- 3cm) chest size.  Ready to ship!

Average Dimensions:
  • Displayed: 2' x 2' x 5.9' @ 42 lbs
  • Shipping: 20" x 22" x 24" @ 58 lbs
  • Standard Chest Size fits: 104 ~ 109 cm
  • Authentic Reproduction: Crafted After an Original
  • Traditionally Handcrafted : Traditional Materials
  • Battle Ready:
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