Samurai Kabuto (Helmet)

     These authentic reproductions of Feudal Japan's Samurai kabuto (helmets) are handcrafted by experienced artisans of the Iron Mountain Armory who believe in quality over quantity. Each samurai kabuto (helmet) is hand crafted from 18 gauge steel plates in the same method the master armour smiths used in the 17th century Japan; making them authentically crafted and fully functional. Each kabuto is masterfully crafted to be closer fitting, breathable, very protective, lightweight and the closest reproduction to the actual armor worn by samurai.  

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     Handcrafted by the Iron Mountain Armory, each samurai kabuto is specially lined with cotton cloth with tiny holes, providing ventilation to preventing overheating. The cloth is also specially fitted to provides some spacing between your head and the helmet which provides superior comfort and extra protection by absorbing some impact of any strike.

     These very affordable reproductions of this Samurai kabuto line, are handmade using the same methods armor craftsman used 500 plus years ago, during the Sengoku period. The armor is very well design with over 1,000 years of ingenuity behind it. By incorporating elements of traditional Japanese Samurai armor design of this period with modern tools, the craftsman at the Iron Mountain Armory have successfully forged the most authentic Samurai armor in today´s market at a very affordable price.

Features: Full size, wearable, completely functional Samurai armor, assembly instructions, stand and traditional lacquered Japanese armor box.

Average Seated Display Specifications: Height: 18" Width: 12" Depth: 14" Weight: 8 lbs (average)