Samurai Menpō

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     The menpō (or men yoroiis the term for various types of facial armour worn by the samurai class and their retainers in feudal Japan. Types of Japanese facial armour include the somen, menpō, hanpo and happuri. This menpo is a traditional “ressei-men” style; which features a mustache (kuchi hige), facial wrinkles (shiwa), posts (odayori ore kugi), detachable nose guard (hana), ear covers (mimi) and throat guard (tare).

     Our samurai menpo are available in a veriety of colors. These are full sized, replicated after the same menpo worn by samurai. Our Samurai menpo and neck protector are crafted using 22 guage iron and feature a cotton lace and cord to hold the mask to your face. They are truly a work of art in themself. The menpo can fit your existing kabuto or looks great displayed by themselves, mounted on your wall or displayed on a mantel, restaurant, office, worn for decoration, re-enactment or part of costume. 

Features: Iron construction with veriety of colors and cotton cord strap. Full sized and functional. Moustache is goat hair.

  • Can be ordered without a mustache (kuchi hige)
  • Can be ordered with a bird nose (tengu)
  • Custom Menpo stand available

Weight: 10 oz

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.


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