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Our Gashira class Suneate (shin armor) set are handcrafted by the Iron Mountain Armory at the time of your order.  The suneate is the greaves or plate of armor meant to protect the leg between the knee and ankle. We offer 3 levels of protection of suneate (light, medium, heavy) With its pre-curved profile, the Samurai Suneate protects the shin much like traditional steel or rawhide greaves would.  

Light Suneate (left) is crafted of cloth, silk, leather, split steel plates and thick cloth knee (popular for typical samurai).  
Medium Suneate (middle) is crafted with cloth, silk, leather, steel plate of the shin and thick cloth knee guards with cushion and iron plating inside (popular for high ranking samurai).
Heavy Suneate (right) is crafted of full steel plat and curved steel plated knees.  

Each suneate is sold as a set and are traditionaly handcrafted at the time of your order.  Please allow 3 ~ 4 weeks for crafting and delivery of the set (both left and right). 

Suggestion: The light or medium suneate is better if you will be performing martial arts (rolling around).

Questions?: Sunetate are sold as a set, so they come with both left and right.  If you have more questions, please review our FAQ page

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