Tanegashima Teppó

     The Japanese matchlock was introduced to Japan by the Portuguese during the Sengoku period (warring state period).  Originally called teppó, it was later known by the name Tanegashima, named after the island Tanegashima who was governed by 16 year old Tanegashima Tokitaka (1528–1579).  The Tanegashima rifle was purchased, quickly reproduced and sold throughout Japan.  Within the first 3 years the samurai clans either accepted the teppó (riffle) and tantutu (pistol) into their arsenal or where quickly defeated by them.  By the end of the 16th century it was reported that Japan was the largest producer of firearms in the world, with over 300,000 produced within the first 10 years of its introduction. 

     Our Tanegashima teppó (rifle) is handmade in Japan using wood for the dai (stock), brass for the jiita (plating) and zinc alloy for the tsutsu (barrel).  It is crafted to look and feel like a real Tanegashima and to meet import laws for most countries, which is why it is a non-functional replica.  The powder box will open, the trigger can be pulled and the hammer will drop, however it can not fire and will be shipped as a Movie Prop.  

  • Tantutu:  Barrel 86 cm, Handle 25 cm, Overall 111 cm ~ 4.5 lbs


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