Tatami (Folding) Armour

     A tatami gusoku (complete suit of folding armor) includes a tatami dou (dō) or tatami katabira (jacket) and a tatami kabuto (helmet) chochin kabuto, or tatami zukin (hood) or similar type of tatami head protection along with the other related parts of a full suit of Japanese armour. Collapsible head protection such as hachi gane and other collapsible armor are also tatami armor; a traditional kabuto could also be part of a tatami gusoku.

     Karuta armor was worn by all classes of samurai and foot soldiers (ashigaru) alike. High quality Taisho Karuta armor was more elaborate, ornate and offered better protection.  While the lower quality Kachi sets of armor are more plain and offering only basic protection.  Our tatami armor is hand made by the Iron Mountain Armory.  

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