Tatami Karuta Armour

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  • Item #: TTM-01
  • Manufacturer: Iron Mountain Armory
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: TTM-01

     Karuta armor is a form of lightweight, folding armor known as "tatami". The "karuta" are small square or rectangle plates of steel sewn to a cloth backing.  The chest armor (dō or dou) is made from karuta as well as the thigh guards (kusazuri) are also plated with karuta.  The arms are protected by shino kote (split armoured sleeves) and the shins by shino suneate (split greaves)

     Karuta armor was worn by all classes of samurai and foot soldiers (ashigaru) alike.  High quality Taisho Karuta armor was more elaborate, ornate and offered better protection. Tatami armor is very easily adjusted to fit people of all sizes and to be worn over or underclothing.  While the lower quality Kachi sets of armor are more plain and offering only basic protection.  Tatami armor would had been more popular amonst ninja because it could be worn descretly under their clothing.  Handcrafted by the Iron Mountain Armory.

Class Options:

  •  Kachi: Basic cloth with armor plates sewn on (no chainmail). Includes Do, kote & suneate
  •  Gashira: Padded cloth with armor plates sewn on dō, plated mail on the kote and suneate.  Includes sode and matching hachigane. 
  • Taisho: Gashira + plated mail on do. Includes tatami kabuto (plated mail cap).
  • Taisho +: Taisho class with tatami zukin (armoured hood) 

Options: Hachigane (armoured headband), TTZ01 Tatami kabuto (Armoured cap), TTZ02 Tatami zukin (Armoured hood)



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