Traditional Yoroi Hitatare

Traditional Yoroi Hitatare, Yoroi Hitatare, hitatare
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     The yoroi hitatare were the traditional shirt and pants that were a popular outfit worn by Samurai in the 12th and 17th Century in Japan.  The hitatare is basically another version of the hakama and kimono which are more ideal to wear under armor.    Although less formal, the hitatare was often worn in some official copacity and often adorned with a kataginu (sleeveless jacket with exaggerated shoulders).  

     Our traditional hitatare is a 3 part set which includes a cotton shitagi (undershirt).  This traditional yoroi hitatare set is handmade by the Iron Mountain Armory and requires about 1 to 2 weeks to be made.  Please allow more time for delivery.   

Optional: Tasuki - a 5x70cm flat belt which tucks the sleeves of the Kimono or Yukata up and out of the way while you perform normal tasks.

Please note:  Please select your size and allow 30 days for shipping. Armor not included.

  • Authentic Reproduction: Traditional Design
  • Highest Quality: Quality Silk / Cotton
  • Customizable: Color & Size
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