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     Welcome to our FAQ's Page. Here you will find many of the most commonly asked questions about our products and services. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, or you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us by e-mail or by phone, and one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Associates will be more than happy to help you. Our normal business hours are from 9am to 5pm, Mon - Fri. We are a small office and receive a lot of calls, so if we don't answer during these hours, please leave a message or try again later. Our customers are very important to us and we aim to give each customer our full attention.

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This trailer will give you a sample of what Iron Mountain Armory's samurai armor is able to do.

Iron Mountain Armory - Samurai Armor Combat and Weapons Testing - Trailer


Q: Is this armor made in Japan? 

A: No, the armor is hand crafted in China. However the armory is Japanese owned and managed. China offers a more economical labor force and product availability then Japan. The workers at the Iron Mountain armory work under the guidance of skilled craftsman and artisans who have 15+ years of experience in armor crafting. Until recently they were only making armor for the Japanese market. 

Q: Will this armor fit me?

A: Each armor fits your "average" adult. The armor is made to fit an adult male of 5' 7" and 170 lbs with a 40" chest. However our armor fits most adults from 5' 2" up to 5' 10" tall with no customization needed for height. The armor can be easily adjusted to fit up to a 40" ~ 44" chest size. 

Q: Do you offer any customizations?

A: We do offer custom sizing which is reflected on the product page.  Please reference the model of interest for chest, height size options as well as color and other options.  Please contact us for more details or special requests.

Q: Do you rent armor?

A: Yes we rent samurai armor! Rentals require a security deposit equal to the purchase price of the armor.  The rental fee starts at $350 for the first 3 days and $150 for each additional day (depending on model).  Upon the return of the armor, the rental fee will be deducted from the security deposit, along with any damages or missing items.  We only accept deposits via cash or PayPal. Please contact us for more details and samurai armor availability.  Be sure to let us know what date(s) you need the armor and the shipping address.

Q: What is your return policy?


A: Yes, please follow this link to view our terms of sales.


Q: Can you custom make other armor?

A: Yes our skilled craftsmen are able to make a wide verity of arms and armor from Asia.  Please email us any pictures and details of the armor you would like replicated for a free estimate.

Q: Do you ship internationally and if yes, how much is shipping to my country? How can I pay?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide factory direct via FedEx.  Because we ship factory direct, VAT is not charged by most countries however local tax might be charged. For detailed shipping costs, please add the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart, enter your full shipping address and you will be provided with shipping options and costs before any payment information is requested.  Once you select your shipping option, you continue to place your order via PayPal or choose "Print and Call" and we will email you instructions for sending payment via Bank Wire Transfer or Western Union. For orders shipping outside of the USA, we accept PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union and Money Gram.  

Q: What is the difference between the Kachi, Gashira and Taisho class armor?

A: All of our armor is crafted in the traditional iron armor plating (lames) tradition.  However, we offer our armor in 3 quality classes to help fit the needs and budget of our clients. 

  • Kachi:  Foot Soldier armor - Quickly made, basic painting and synthetic materials (like nylon instead of cotton, satin instead of silk) are used to keep the cost of the armor down.  The Kachi class will lack certain features, such as they do not have shoulder padding or a removable nose (it is fixed to the mask), they have a synthetic mustache and might have a few paint blemishes or iron plating and no brass fittings. This class of armor is crafted for the samurai on a budget and those looking to modify their own armor.
  • Gashira:  Officer armor - Handmade with all quality, traditional materials and good attention to detail.  The Gashira class feature shoulder padding, a detachable nose, a mustache made from goat hair and brass fittings.  This class of armor is crafted for collectors and re-enactors. 
  • Taisho: Commanding Officer Armor - Meticulously handcrafted with the level of quality and expectations that a high ranking samurai would expect.  Using only the highest quality in materials; such as silk brocade, cotton, buffalo horn, leather, suede, etc.  The Taisho class is crafted by our head craftsmen with a close eye to detail and quality control.  These suites are often ordered by collectors who want the finest quality armor without having to pay the high cost and taxes that they would as if they would had purchased it in Japan. Great quality at a very good market price.

Q: What is the difference between different Samurai Armor series?

A: Classic Armor (C Series) was used more toward the mid 1500's and features a hineno-jikoro style kabuto (pumpkin head) and a Yokohagi Okegawa ni-mai dô with the rivets filed down. Although the Classic Armor is made with the same high quality steel it does not feature the same ornate designed plating in the armor as the B Series armor does. 

     The Bugyo (B series) armor features superior Zunari (head shaped) style kabuto and the Yokohagi Okegawa ni-mai dô with raised dome rivets. It also features more lacing and ornate designed iron plating. 


Q: Is the armor real or for display only?

A: Yes they are real. They are made in the same traditional design and using the same traditional techniques as the armor craftsman used over 500 years ago. The only thing that has changed is some of the tools used to make the armor and using spot welding techniques with the rivets (this helps make the armor more durable). It looks great on display in your room or while wearing it on the field of battle. 

Q: Is the armor battle ready?

A: Although we do not recommend or sell our armor to be used in any form of combat, it is however very capable of being used and withstanding the rigors of training and full contact sparring. Along with traditional armor crafting, we believe in traditional armor testing. Our armor has been tested with great success using fully functional, live samurai swords and other weapons. 


Q: What type of metal do you use?

A: Sticking with Japanese Samurai armor crafting tradition, we use 18 gague iron plaiting for the entire suite of armor.  The iron is thick enough to stop sword strikes and soft enough to absorb the shock.  The armor will also flex with your body, making it lighter and more comfortable to wear on the field of battle.


Q: I want to build and paint my own armor, do you sell unfinished or parts of the armor only?

A: We do not offer unfinished or parts only directly on our website, but please feel free to contact us to request pricing for any specific part of the armor or material. 


Q: What types of materials are used in your armor?

A: All of our armor is crafted in the traditional 18 gauge iron plating used by armor craftsmen in the 16th and 17th century.  Our chest and back are crafted by individual iron plates (lames), riveted and then spot welded together (for extra durability).  We use the same traditional materials of iron silk, cotton, leather, animal hair, copper, brass, horn.  For some models, classes and situations we may use some modern materials for added safty and durrabilty of the armor.  For the specific materials used in each suite of armor, they will vary between the different models.  Please review the armor quality ranges listed above on this FAQ page.  


Q: What is the main difference between your armor and traditional Japanese made armor made back in the 16th and 17th centuries?

A: Like we mentioned before, our armor is crafted in the traditional Yokohagi Okegawa ni-mai dô style, which consist of individual armor plates riveted together.  This is much like modern armor.  The armor was riveted together making it easier to replace damaged plates and so the armor will be more flexible and shock absorbent.  The main difference is that we use some spot welding to help strengthen the armor plates and we use new eco-friendly paints instead of the older, more toxic lacquer paint.  We also use some machines to cut, bend and shape the metals.  Besides that, the armor is made in the same fashion it was 500 years ago.  

Q: I see Iron Mountain samurai armor on auction sites selling for less money, why?

A: Iron Mountain Armory has a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of 15% off the normal retail price (posted on this website). If you see pictures of Iron Mountain armory armor being sold for less than MAP, the seller is not likely selling authentic armor or is reselling the armor (pre-owned). There are only 5 manufacturer's representatives for the Iron Mountain Armory samurai armor which are located in the USA, England, Switzerland, Phillipines, Australia and Japan.  Anyone selling our armor from China, especially claiming to be the "factory" are selling imitation armor and you will get what you pay for or less.  Please feel free to email us or contact the Iron Mountain Armory directly ( to ask if the armor is real or the seller is authorized.   We are happy to send you eBay armor pictures sent to us from upset buyers.  

     If you see pictures of our armor being offered by a company in China or Hong Kong it is a knock off, much like the $1,200 Prada bag on sale for $80. There are companies and sellers like "lastarmor", "zbinstore9", "liren88", "mensarmor" and others who are using the Irong Mountain Armory Samurai armor photographs.  Don't be fooled, these are imitation suits. These auctioneers also do not include the armor box, stand or inner materials / lining. Irong Mountain Armory and Little Star Enterprises, Inc. have NO relationship with any Chinese seller and we are not responsible for any claims, loss, damage and whatever happens by their unauthorized copies. Iron Mountain Armory does NOT sell (retail or wholesale) to anyone accept their authorized representatives.


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